With the encouragement of the lovely Brigitte via Covet Chicago, I started crafting a personal mission statement. It had been in the works for a while. Sam and I even took a little self help vacation to read Stephen Covey and figure out our lives (and hike in the mountains and pick wild blueberries for pancakes and jump off cliffs into swimming wasn't all seriousness), but hadn't yet put it to paper. I'm certainly still in the process of refining this mission business, but I think I've got a draft that feels good and used that as the lense through which to envision the big goals of 2011. I say all of this in present tense, but of course, I'm so not there. I hope my life over the years will make these words more and more true.

So here's the mission along with 2011's resolutions, in no particular order:

I receive the present moment with gratitude and honesty Exercise really helps me become aware of the present by reminding me of my body. I'm shooting for 4 days a week

I approach the world with curiosity and wonder I'd like to read at least one book a month. This month is Gilead

I embrace my vulnerability and failures as opportunities for greater insight and deeper expressions of love and contribution I'm going to do something scary, where failure is very possible. Not sure exactly what counts as being my official scary thing yet. I'll let you know.

I practice dedicated rhythms of art making and cultivate artistic community A dear art conrad and I have resolved to spend 1 day a week in the studio together. I'd also like to comment a bit more regularly on blogs that inspire and challenge me.

I create compelling art and design for intangible things (ideas, organizations, stories, philosophies, observations, feelings) that are good (honest, generous, excellent, just) I'll be redesigning my own website to update it with current work, add some user friendliness and much more info. I'm also planning on opening a shop.

I hope for and work toward the redemption of discarded, forgotten stuff, dreams, and people I really like the idea of partnering more with kiva, particularly with the profits from the aforementioned shop, giving to international entrepreneurs as an entrepreneur myself.

I cherish my loved ones and allow them to care for me too Sam and I both want to be better at pursuing our friends, together and individually

I make and enjoy food as a way to care for myself, my loved ones, and the earth We will be achieving said friend pursuit often through feeding them at our house

I create and keep an inspiring, peaceful, and nurturing home environment This is year 3 of our continued renovation of what was once a crack house. 2011: finish floor 3

I leverage my life on the centrality of divine love and choose to embrace hope This seems like the trickiest one to pinpoint, but I think one of my biggest learning curves is expressions of gratitude...positive thinking...counting one's blessings...refraining from peeing on life with my negative ever you want to put it

I revel in the gift my partner is to me and the world, and love him in a way that frees him to be more himself everyday More dates that are planned! Thankfully we get to spend a lot of time together, but often the time is on home renovation projects. 2011 will be the year of the hot date.

Phew, that was a lot about me. Do you partake in the resolution ritual? I have some friends who take a retreat every year on their anniversary (because they are friends who are married to each other) and talk through their missions and goals for the next year, all through the context of their marriage. Their partnership is beautifully deep and connected; I can't help but think practices like that have to do with it. And some folks take inventory on their birthdays...I just like to eat cupcakes then.

P.S. the wonderful yellow socked adventurer image belongs to Ivan Terestchenko and I found it via The Clutter.