Happy New Year!

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Just This Once

Time got away from me before the holidays, and I became a very quiet blogger (I'm working on a New Year's Resolution for that right now!). So if you are back here, reading this, you are so very kind to stick with me! I'm sitting here with Sam, opting for a quiet New Years. Both of us are here on the couch with lap tops in hand, working on our resolutions. I know, that sounds consummately reclusive, but it feels SO GOOD for two introverts after a busier/travel laden/gregarious Christmas. I will share what I come up with later, but I wanted to just take a little break to share these images by Alexis Mackenzie that I saw on her studio visit over at  Fecal Face several months ago. She describes her work on the Beholder (where you can buy originals and prints) like this:

My general intent, throughout all my work, is to portray the world as a flawed thing of beauty - a place that shines brightly, but has a dark side to match.

As I was thinking about how life has been going of late, and how I'd like it to go next year, I thought of these compelling images for their present oriented messages, combined with their frail but beautiful collisions of nature. And now, after reading her intent, it feels even more fitting to ring in the new year with Mackenzie's creations in mind, crafting my resolutions and all the while knowing full well that I walk into 2011 both beautiful and flawed in a world that is the same. May we all revel in the beauty and tread gracefully through the flaws. Happy 2011!