Glamorous Chickens

Ever since my friend forwarded to me the middle photo of a proud Silkie chicken, I've been collecting pictures of glamorous chickens. Isn't that a fun combo: glamor and poultry? This interest has obviously run deep because last week I had a dream that my friend and his wife renewed their wedding vows with a full ceremony, bridesmaids and groomsmen included. Except instead of bouquets the bridesmaids walked down the isle with big beautiful chickens following them. I remember feeling jealous that I hadn't thought of that for our wedding in the dream...

I thought I'd dedicate a post to these beauties, since I just recently found out that my little town is considering allowing coops in urban settings (before, in order to justify owning livestock in town you had to have some sort of physical or emotional need that made said animal(s) essential...and I just couldn't figure out which one of my emotional needs would justify having a chicken, so I'm glad this is changing)

The second two photos were found at my pet chicken (which looks like a great resource for folks interested in raising chickens.) The first photo is from the book Extraordinary Chickens.