EVERYTHING she eats...

Last spring I was enchanted  by a post over at Hello Sandwich all about art inspired by food, particularly Dawn Tan's devotion of weighing and drawing everything she eats. Now the idea of trying weight watchers and counting calories has been, well, severely unappetizing to me. Not because it would limit my diet, but because it would involve counting and measuring at every meal. But, funny thing, if I would have thought of this glorious idea, I think I would have really enjoyed the process, even with the extra step of weighing all the food before eating. I think this is because it's not at all about regulation (the purpose of weight watchers) but instead about acknowledgement and presence. The practice seems more like a religious ritual to slow down and attain some sort of deeper realization, as opposed to the pragmatic need of fitting into tight jeans. Speaking of religious rituals, Dawn shares on her blog that she even weighed the elements of communion during prayer before she partook. That is dedication.

It feels right to remember the beauty of Dawn's drawing and process as I approach this great big food centric holiday for the US. And on that note, Happy Thanksgiving! May you find yourself completely stuffed with enduring love, pleasantly satiated with really great food and utterly present to fully enjoy it all.

And btw, Dawn makes PRECIOUS illustrated recipes that you might want to buy for someone special this Christmas at her etsy shop