To do list item: pick flowers

I know it's gotten bad when I need to put "pick flowers" on my to-do list. The last week has been kinda blurry due to loosing a day out sick and work piling up, but if I'm honest, it's more than that...A lesson I am forever learning and forgetting and relearning is the absolute necessity of life giving rhythms. And as I type right now, I'm trying to relearn after a some stressful, non rhythmic days. I remember, probably in one of the many sermons I heard growing up, when someone felt they were too busy to pray, they realized in a time of feeling overwhelmed, they were, in fact, too busy NOT to pray. And isn't it crazy that one of the first signs of stress is impaired breathing? The moments we need it most, something in us freaks out and causes us to deny ourselves what is life giving: whether that be prayer or breathing or picking flowers or whatever. So I'm going to go (and take my little freaked out, over stressed inner child, "come on, hunny" ) and pick some of those mums before our first frost takes them all away. Then I'll come back a little more on beat, good lord willing and the creek don't rise. What is essential to your life rhythm?