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I could loose several hours on You can search by band or designer or city or venue. It's so great. And there are so many examples of fantastic creativity there. Here are a couple of my favorites, both bands/musicians and designs. I think Sam might want to get me the Joanna Newsom poster for Christmas. Good thing he reads my blog. (not only do I love the design, but I ADORE her harp and poetry and crazy voice all together, which, strangely enough, I couldn't stand when I first heard several years ago. I guess it was kinda like a Rite of Spring phenomenon. Except I didn't hit anyone after that first listen.)

Does anybody collect gig posters out there? Any bands that get the best posters? Any designers to mention? I love that they're becoming more sought after, since music packaging is largely nonexistent. (except of course as collectible items) I heard a designer say once that we aren't so much experiencing the death of print, as much as the death of unnecessary print, and that's why what IS being printing is more the resurgence of screen printing and letterpress, with every piece slightly unique. I like that idea: to not do things as much, but when you do, make it GLORIOUS. I think these are pretty glorious.