Partners in life and art

Whenever Sam and I go to Ashville, NC, where my grandparents live, we like to spend a day downtown popping in and out of galleries and shops. A couple years ago we discovered the work of  Signe & Genna Grushovenko at 16 Patton, a husband/wife team who makes these amazing paintings together.

He creates the rich, washy underpaintings,  sometimes plaid-like, giving an impression of some kind of new family tartan. And she, with decisive and confident strokes, interprets moments frozen on paper from their collected and found photos, letting windows of her mate's unbridled abstractions shine through. I adore how their styles blend,  relating their rich layered paintings to our layers upon layers of memory. And I appreciate how their work is open enough for many to see their own family, their own past, in them.

Signe keeps a blog that charts their progress and the artists are offering deep discounts on their already reasonably priced work until February 28, when they move to a new state.