new spaces


Welcome to my website!  It just so happens that in addition to working on this new virtual space, we've been busy making a brick and mortar home  (well, actually wood frame, to be specific) for Betty Hatchett Design Co. Here's a sneak peak of the progress. (that's little ole 6 ft tall me, for perspective). Many thanks to the strong, capable folks at DGM Transformations for the new walls. And of course to my multi talented husband, Sam, for trading the big, obstructive caller ties for the sleek cable, letting us appreciate the height of the space (just one among the many things he's done to give us exactly what we need). The exposed space along the bottom of the wall in the panoramic shot will be built in cabinets (a huge gift from my retired-engineer-turned-carpenter dad) I'm certainly lucky to be surrounded by so many supportive, fantastic folks in my life. I'll upload more photos of office progress, but in the mean time, it feels good to have a new home on the web!